Buyer's Guide: North America’s Natto Beans Market

Written by Jordan Atchison
on June 11, 2024  |  4 min. read

If you manufacture natto, you understand the challenges of finding the perfect natto bean for your consumers. Combined with the volatility of natto beans (which can be sensitive to growing conditions), having a diverse natto supply portfolio is critical to producing steady product.

The natto market grows between 5% and 8% every year. While the U.S. remains the top producer of natto (supplying around 70% of the soybeans used as raw materials to Japan’s natto industry), not all suppliers offer the same varieties, consulting services, or availability.

Find out how PURIS differs from other suppliers.

Get the Right-Size Natto For Your Product

The right-size natto seed can make or break your consumer’s experience. At PURIS, we offer three main natto varieties:

  • Extra Small Natto: Our premium extra small variety uses the tiniest soybeans, which are highly prized for their texture. This size is the most specialized and offers the highest margin of any other natto size.
  • Small Natto: Small natto has a slightly larger bean size but still has an excellent natto texture at a more affordable price point.
  • Natto Grits: Made by quartering normal-sized soybeans, grits provide a natto option with a familiar, larger bean size and texture.

Find a Natto Variety For Your Region’s Preferences

We understand that the natto preferred in areas of Japan will be different from than the natto consumed in places like Thailand.

These differences in end-user preferences have launched our efforts to create the perfect color, taste, and size for the region you’re selling in — so much so that we have team members committed to analyzing different natto varieties. As a result, you can take advantage of our extensive natto library, which allows us to provide the best natto for your end consumer quickly.

Our proprietary non-GMO natto varieties are bred specifically for key traits like:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Seed coat quality
  • Texture
  • Flavor
  • Color
  • Agronomic performance

Natto softness grid chartNatto color hue and lightness grid chart

Extensive Seed Library = Timely Supply Turnaround

As for turnaround time, while larger suppliers might take years to create a new variety that will work for your consumers, PURIS’s robust seed variety library allows us to produce the beans you require as quickly as the following year’s harvest.
As a result, we can consistently deliver the premium natto beans your customers demand. With a robust pipeline continually pumping out new genetic innovations, PURIS stays ahead of evolving consumer preferences in ways other suppliers cannot.

Extra small and small natto soybeans side-by-side with ruler running underneath

Easily Order From North America

Though natto’s origins date back to ancient Japan, innovative companies like PURIS are pioneering its growth and production on fertile North American soils.

From our operations headquartered in the U.S. Midwest, we have spent decades breeding and supplying premium natto soybeans tailored to discerning buyers across Japan, Korea, and beyond.

PURIS Natto ordering and supply chain timeline

Take Advantage of International Presence

While still making inroads across North America, natto’s fandom remains fervent in its Asian heartland. The majority of our natto production gets exported internationally to these hungry markets. This localized U.S. sourcing offers valuable supply for overseas customers looking to diversify their suppliers.

To better serve natto manufacturers, we have team members located in areas of Asia and regularly fly team members overseas to ensure our customers have everything they need.

New Varieties Launching Constantly

Thanks to our dedicated natto breeding team, our diverse variety portfolio is constantly expanding. With research locations across multiple geographies, we develop and screen new experimental natto lines each year at a pace unmatched in the industry.

When working with customers, we present our most promising new varieties to sample and analyze. Using exacting protocols and rigorous texture analysis in our labs, we integrate their feedback to guide the next crosses and iterations.

Our vast genetics library allows us to quickly make adjustments — like increasing protein levels or improving color — to create optimal natto for their needs.

This cycle of rapid innovation ensures PURIS always stays active with stagnant offerings. While competitors rely on older natto varieties, our pipelines continually flow with new, better genetics, bringing peak natto performance.

Quality, Consistent Natto Beans — Always

Are you looking for a consistent natto bean supply that meets your quality expectations?

At PURIS, our soybean breeder collaborations and SQF-certified, state-of-the-art grade soybean processing facility, where we use cleaners, sizes, color sorters, and magnets to ensure safe, quality soybeans arrive at your operations door.

Diversify Your Natto Supply

Our commercial natto pipeline can meet the needs of any natto manufacturer looking for extra small, small, and grits natto. And with thousands of varieties in our R&D pipeline and approximately 30 in our commercial pipeline, we’re here to get you the exact natto option your end goal requires.


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