Grow Organic With PURIS: Partner With the Future of Plant-Based Protein

Written by Brent Reck
on February 20, 2024  |  4 min. read

The plant-powered revolution is taking off, and organic pea protein is leading the charge. But despite the demand for plant-based protein products, there are fewer than 100,000 acres of organic peas grown in North America. 

Consumers are demanding clean, transparent ingredients, and that's where growers like you come in. Here at PURIS, we're not just looking for organic pea suppliers — we're searching for partners, champions of integrity, and pioneers in sustainable agriculture.

The Rising demand for Organic Growers

Organic food sales in the U.S. surpassed $60 billion in 2022, marking a record high and showcasing robust consumer demand. With demand for organic, protein-fortified food and beverages on the rise, the need for certified organic peas will only continue to grow in tandem.


Why Go Organic with PURIS?

Forget fluctuating market prices and unreliable middlemen. At PURIS, we offer stability and genuine partnership. We're more than just another buyer; we're an invested player in your success and the future of organic farming.

Here's what sets us apart.

Guaranteed Contracts

Ditch uncertainty and get peace of mind before you ever plant your first pea. We contract with farmers ahead of planting using act of god, full production contracts. That means PURIS will buy 100% of the production off of the contracted acres at a pre-determined price — and as the grower, you are not liable for lack of production.  

Fair Pricing

We believe in a fair, mutually beneficial partnership. Our pricing mechanisms account for market fluctuations and reward your hard work.

Direct Relationships

No more faceless corporations. You'll deal directly with our dedicated team, building a true partnership based on trust and open communication.

Market Access

Tap into the booming organic market with a reliable buyer. We'll help you get your premium peas to the brands that value them most. 

Our Pea Benefits

Yellow field peas are a sustainable choice for modern agriculture. These peas require less water to thrive, revitalize your soil through nitrogen fixation, and bolster crop rotation.

When you plant PURIS seeds, you'll take advantage of seeds that have been adapted to the unique conditions of our partner farms, naturally bred for superior yield and disease resistance, and leave soil healthier than it started.


Transitioning to organic

Organic farming means more than eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and GMOs. It’s a holistic approach to food production that gives people healthy, wholesome options while preserving our natural resources for the future.

Because peas rely on Earth’s natural systems to conquer challenges, organic farming is future-proof and can adapt to current climate change challenges — allowing farmers to proceed and succeed with less uncertainty.

Let's Grow Together, Sustainably

At PURIS, we believe in nurturing not just peas, but also our growers and the planet. We support your transition to organic practices with resources and expertise, helping you build healthy soil, diversify your crops, and contribute to a sustainable future. 

We know that transitioning to growing organic requires additional costs and changes to your process today. And with a three-year timeline to meet certified organic standards, it's a long-term commitment. That's why we have a proven process that makes the transition as easy as possible. We'll provide everything you need, from the seeds you plant to the support you need to navigate the transition over several seasons.

A team of PURIS experts leads you through every step of the process, providing answers and guidance that remove barriers and ensure your success — all while connecting you with other farmers in our network.


Join the PURIS Network

If you're passionate about organic farming, committed to quality, and eager to be part of something bigger, then we want to hear from you. Partner with PURIS and:

  • Grow in confidence: Enjoy guaranteed contracts, fair pricing, and a secure market for your organic peas.
  • Make a difference: Contribute to a healthier planet and a more sustainable food system.
  • Build a rewarding partnership: Work with a company that values your expertise and shares your commitment to organic integrity.

The PURIS network is built on partnerships with forward-thinking growers who want to bridge their land to growing consumer demand for organics. We develop personalized contracts to fit the needs of each farm, providing non-GMO PURIS seed and buying back harvested crops.

Learn more about how the PURIS Grower's Program can help you cultivate a successful, sustainable future.



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