Introducing "Move Makers in Food"

Written by PURIS
on June 26, 2020  |  3 min. read

Walking through Natural Products Expo West is a lot like walking through Times Square. Booths with flashy lights and TV’s promising foods packed with the latest innovation. Mascots jumping up and down for your attention, samples to try around every corner and waves of people as far as the eye can see. Zipping through the halls of the Anaheim convention center you will hear and see words like plant-based, sustainable, natural, regenerative and the list goes on and on.

The Future of Food

With so many brands and so little time, how in the world does one get to see all the amazing things these folks are really doing?

The inspiration behind “Move Makers in Food” was  to help amplify the voices of those behind the products on the shelf and beyond. We took to the show floor and talked to some of the biggest move makers in the industry to get their insight on what the future of food looks like.



The 5 Topics discussed with the biggest “Move Makers in Food” at Expo West were:

  • Trends, Trends, and more Trends

    As we hit the show floor, we learned that this year’s Expo West was less about trends and more about the plant-based movement. Yes, we also talked about CBD, Keto, Collagen and all the other innovation happening in the food space, but plant-based foods was part of every conversation and more often than not dominated just about every discussion. Why? Be it climate change, animal welfare, transparency around US vs “Offshore” sourcing, the health of people and the planet, plant based foods seem to be at the forefront as option that is not just corporations but individuals can take action on.
  • Transparency and Trust

    Consumers crave more and more information. Brands are making big moves to tell the stories about the farmers behind the brand. There is no bigger story here than being transparent from the seed that farmers plant to how and where they grow it, to where it is processed and how it ultimately becomes available on shelf.  More consumers each year are demanding to know all about their “foods journey”.
  • Not just Sustainable but truly Regenerative Options

    Sustainable practices are the norm today, but it has the industry asking if that is enough? We heard about what “Regenerative” means and how brands are working towards building a better food future using regenerative agriculture. It’s something we believe in and have done since our inception in 1985.
  • What MOVE they would like to see the industry MAKE

    Let’s not forget, we asked the MOVE MAKERS what move they would like to see the industry make and their responses were out of this world.  
  • Plants are powerful. If you could be one which one would YOU pick?

    Wait until you hear what everybody had to say. If you could be a plant which one would you be and why? Write to us at or comment on this blog.

We’re honored to be able to share the wisdom, insight, and yes, even humor that these inspirational leaders in our industry shared with us. We hope that you’ll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it for YOU! This is just the beginning of the “Move Makers in Food” — Subscribe to get the latest dish on what the greatest innovators in the food industry are up to.

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