Vegan Chicken Worth of the Name

Written by Jake Achterhoff
on March 04, 2021  |  7 min. read

At last, sustainable vegan chicken worthy of the name.

Think plant-based poultry can’t touch the real thing? Prepare to be surprised. PURIS vegan chicken has mouthwatering flavor, aroma, and texture with no soy, mystery additives, or funny aftertastes. So many possibilities: light or dark, nuggets, breasts or patties, shredded or breaded. All made from non-GMO organic ingredients that use a tiny fraction of the energy of feedlot chicken.

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Shredded Vegan Chicken

Shredded Vegan Chicken

A succulent shredded chicken alternative that elevates any plant-based meal, from tacos to salads to ready-to-eat dinners. Our tasty vegan meat is animal-free, soy-free, and considering 8 billion chickens are eaten by Americans every year, it’s an environmental game changer. With 21 grams of protein per serving from detox-certified organic ingredients, PURIS gives customers satisfaction and sustainability.


What makes it great:

PURIS® Pea Protein is available as grown, processed, and packed in the USA

Clean, single-source plant-based ingredients

Light or dark meat with perfect texture

Nuggets, patties, breasts, breaded, shredded and more.

0mg cholesterol


Built for the modern flexitarian
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Better than the real thing. 

PURIS plant-based chicken contains 21g protein per 3 oz serving--25% more than a serving from our feathered friends.

Protein promotes satiation (reaching fullness while eating) and maintains satiety (feeling fuller for longer when you’re done eating).

Protein is vital for myriad body functions like building and repairing muscle, promoting immune function, forming enzymes that participate in metabolic processes, and more.


Less sodium, more to enjoy. 

8% less sodium than shredded chicken and 14% less sodium than our leading plant-based counterparts.

Sodium is a contributor to cardiovascular problems, so PURIS clocks in as a better for you option contributing only 15% to the daily allowance.


A good source of fiber. 

PURIS plant-based chicken contains 4 grams of fiber. Real chickens? None.

Fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive tract by feeding the good bacteria in your gut, is heart-healthy as it reduces LDL cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugars.


Iron Included. 

15% DV iron per serving compared to 2% for shredded chicken.

Plant-based consumers are often concerned about iron intake. PURIS plant-based chicken provides 15% of the daily need for iron - nearly 8x that of its animal-based counterpart.

Iron is the most commonly deficient nutrient in the world despite being one of the most important nutrients for growing bodies and brains.

Iron is vital for helping transport oxygen throughout the body, in turn keeping tissues healthy and improving energy levels.



A Range of Meat Alternative Applications

Clean, single-source plant-based ingredients
Amazing taste with a range of textures
Low sodium options
Better for you nutrition

See Our Textured Option


PURIS Textured Pea Protein 80% Firm Bite (TPP80 FB)


PURIS Textured Pea Protein 80% Firm Bite (TPP80 FB)

TPP80 FB is the answer for customers looking for a textured product with low water hydration that can withstand rigorous process conditions.

PURIS Textured Pea Protein Taco Mix


PURIS Textured Pea Protein Taco Mix

Simply crafted with PURIS™ non-GMO, plant-based textured pea protein and taco spices. Loaded with protein and is a quick and nutritious meal.


Video Feature

Big flavor, small footprint.

PURIS plant-based chicken uses 1/9 of the energy needed for conventional poultry.


If we replaced 25% of chicken consumed in the U.S. with our plant-based meat, imagine the impact…




Metric tons of carbon saved


The entire emissions of Ireland in 2019



Gallons of water conserved


That’s 2701 Empire State Buildings full of water!



m2 of fewer polluting facilities


That’s the land area of two New Jerseys saved from degradation!



Let’s change the world together.

Whether you want to develop plant-based meats for retail or food service, PURIS is here to help. Partner with us from co-manufacturing to branding.


  Reach out to explore the opportunities.



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