PURIS Applauds the Department of Commerce Preliminary Determination

Written by PURIS
on December 12, 2023  |  2 min. read

Minneapolis, MN – December 12th, 2023 – PURIS, a leading producer of pea protein in the United States, expresses its strong support for the Department of Commerce’s (DOC) preliminary determination to impose countervailing duties on imports of certain high-protein content pea protein (“pea protein”) from China. PURIS Is also supportive of the DOC’s affirmative finding of critical circumstances. This decision is a significant step forward in ensuring a fair and level playing field for the U.S. pea protein industry, which has been harmed by unfair subsidies provided by the Chinese government to its producers.

“The DOC’s findings validate our claims that Chinese pea protein imports are being unfairly subsidized,” said Tyler Lorenzen, CEO of PURIS. “This preliminary determination is a critical milestone for American jobs, domestic farmers, and upholding the integrity of our markets. PURIS will continue to participate vigorously in the DOC proceedings to ensure that the final duty rates reflect the full amount of unfair trade that is occurring.”

The DOC’s preliminary determination found that Chinese pea protein producers received government subsidies at rates ranging from 15% to 342%. These subsidies have enabled Chinese producers to sell their products in the U.S. market at artificially low prices, causing material injury to the U.S. industry. Chinese pea protein imports will soon be subject to countervailing duty cash deposit requirements based on the rates calculated in the preliminary determination.  

“The imposition of countervailing duties will help to level the playing field and ensure that U.S. pea protein producers can compete fairly with our Chinese counterparts,” Lorenzen added. “We are also looking forward to the DOC’s preliminary determination in the parallel antidumping investigation, which we expect to be announced on February 8, 2024. Strong enforcement of the U.S. trade remedy laws is essential for the long-term health of the U.S. pea protein industry and will help to create new jobs and economic growth.”

PURIS is a pioneer in the pea protein industry and is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality, sustainably sourced pea protein products. The company’s products are used in a variety of food and beverage applications, including protein powders, alternative dairy products, ready to drink beverages, cereals, snacks, and plant-based meat alternatives.


Founded in 1985, PURIS is the largest pea protein manufacturer in North America. The company is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, and plant-based protein solutions to meet the growing demand for healthy and nutritious food products. PURIS is a strong advocate for fair trade and is committed to ensuring a level playing field for the U.S. pea protein industry.

For more information about PURIS AD/CVD petition please reach out to Lauren Perez, Chief of Staff at lperez@purisfoods.com


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