Yield Coverage for 2022

Written by Keelin Mclachlan
on September 05, 2021  |  2 min. read

PURIS is always looking toward the future to accomplish our goals... Here is some insight from our experts on what to anticipate for yield coverage in 2022.


Guaranteed Coverage

No matter what challenges you might face on your farm, you can trust your peas are protected. PURIS Yield Coverage was created by looking back at the history of yellow field pea performance in growing areas all around the country. Now as the first private pea yield coverage option, yellow field pea growers anywhere in the country can have coverage.


Every farm operation is unique. PURIS Yield Coverage builds a custom package to fit the needs of every operation: the right coverage level for the right premium.


No matter the challenges you face in your field, your peas are protected. With coverage that is delivered fairly with no hidden deductibles or lengthy claims processes, PURIS is your partner in protection.


PURIS Yield Coverage works as hard as you do, putting farmers’ needs first and helping to achieve profitability through even the worst growing conditions.


Three Coverage Packages

Required Experience 3 Years 2 Years None
Minimum Acres* 100 100 100
Yield Guarantee Max 75% Max 65% Max 55%
Available Types Organic & Conventional Organic & Conventional Organic & Conventional
Maximum Price Coverage Up to 150% of Contract Price Up to 125% of Contract Price Up to 100% of Contract Price

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