A Plant-Based Protein Flavor Revolution

Written by Anna Gustafson
on March 19, 2024  |  4 min. read

The sports nutrition landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis. Consumers, increasingly health-conscious and ethically driven, crave plant-based alternatives that don't compromise on performance or experience. Yet, a critical barrier remains: taste. Gritty textures and lingering aftertastes often render plant-based options unappealing, hindering widespread adoption.

In 2023, Innova Market Insights conducted a global survey to ask consumers about their intake of sports nutrition products. Here's what they found:

sports nutrition intake insights

Redefining the Role of Taste in Plant-Based Protein:

Historically, plant-based protein powders prioritized functionality over flavor, relegating taste to a secondary concern. Yet, consumer preferences are shifting. Taste now ranks alongside factors like protein content and cost, influencing purchasing decisions for over 40% of global consumers. PURIS 2.0 recognizes this shift and elevates taste to the forefront, prioritizing deliciousness without sacrificing functionality.

How does PURIS 2.0 compare? 
    • 91% of consumers preferred a PURIS 2.0 RTD over a competitor in a blind taste test, citing sweetness, taste, and vanilla flavor as key reasons for their choice.
    • Over 80% preferred PURIS 2.0 pea protein over competitors, with two-thirds loving it more than standard pea proteins.
    • PURIS 2.shines in all sensory aspects, especially creaminess, color, odor, and, you guessed it, flavor.

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But Taste Isn't Everything (Although It's Pretty Darn Important):

The Texture Revolution: 35% of consumers crave naturalness and fewer artificial ingredients in their plant-based choices. Another 33% seek improved texture. We hear you loud and clear! PURIS 2.0 offers:

    • Superior solubility that creates a smooth, creamy texture that rivals even dairy proteins. No more grit, just pure indulgence.
    • Lighter color which allows for easier customization and naturally beautiful formulations. Forget artificial colors, hello plant-powered goodness!
    • Improved solubility and suspension, potentially eliminating the need for artificial suspending and texturizing ingredients. More naturalness, better for you and the planet.
    • The Flavor Masker Myth: In most applications, using 2.0 without a flavor masker is cheaper than a standard pea protein with a masker. We're talking savings of anywhere between 5% to 40%!

PURIS 2.0 isn't just a protein; it's a revolution. It delivers on taste and texture all while providing a complete amino acid profile. You no longer have to compromise on any front. This is the plant-based protein you've been waiting for.

Ready to experience the future of taste? Contact PURIS today and join the plant-based protein revolution!


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