Crunchy, Neutral & Protein-Packed: Pea Protein Crisps

Written by Randall Martin
on August 18, 2023  |  3 min. read

When it comes to protein bars and crispy snacks, customers know exactly what they want: a high-protein, tasty, chewy snack.

Of course, you have options when it comes to finding the right crisp for your recipe, including soy, rice, and pea crisps. So, which one is the best option for you?

Why pea protein crisps?

Whether you’re creating a rice crisp, cheerio, or tortilla product, pea crisps can add a satisfying crunch and boost protein content without sacrificing taste or shelf life. On shelves dominated by rice and soy crisps, pea protein fills a nutritional gap that health-conscious consumers actively seek.

NutritionPea protein crisp bars with nuts

Compared to puffed rice, pea crisps allow you to pack in more protein per bar. This gives you the ability to create super-high protein products or use less protein per unit. And with pea protein being easy to digest, it can appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Crunch factor

The crispy texture of many protein bars, trail mixes, and clusters requires manufacturers to walk the line between too chewy and too tough.

Pea protein creates a lighter, more neutral crisp than many other proteins on the market. As a result, manufacturers can use less syrups and masking ingredients to help retain crunch without your product becoming tooth-breakingly hard over time.


Pea protein crisp cakes on manufacturing belt

While rice and whey crisps have dominated store shelves recently, pea crisps fill a gap that customers are searching for.

Our non-GMO pea protein, sourced from North America (Canada and the United States), allows manufacturers to support local farmers and know exactly where their ingredients come from. Not only do PURIS peas provide crop diversity, but they offer many other global benefits.

A wide range of product uses

Similar to other protein crisps, pea protein can be used for protein bars, ready-to-drink protein beverages, crisps, bar layers, and cereals.

Give the snack and cereal markets something new

If you’re looking to enter the $10 billion cereal market or the $150 billion snack market, pea crisp inclusions can help differentiate your product. And adding both novelty and nutrition to your recipes is a winning combination.

Get a crisp that works on your equipment

Person pours milk over pea protein crisp cereal

Maybe you already use a different plant-based protein on your equipment. Or maybe this is your first step into the world of protein-packed products. When it comes to crisps, bigger particle sizes will perform better with your equipment and in your product.

For products that need even more robust proteins, or for manufacturers struggling to keep protein shooting forward during production, clusters of protein particles can alleviate this burden without needing to add additional equipment to your production line.

Need help with your product formula?

Are your test recipes becoming too dense, not delivering the taste you want, or failing to achieve that satisfying crunch?

Our R&D experts can help you adjust your equipment, pick the best pea crisp for your product, and provide recommendations to elevate your finished product. Our on-site pilot shooter even allows you to pilot different cereals and snacks, providing a place for affordable experimentation before you invest in full production.

Let’s create a high-protein crisp product

Ready to try pea protein crisps in your next snack or cereal product? Contact us today to request samples and discuss your ideas. We can help you craft the next great high-protein product that consumers will love.


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