Food and Beverage Trends PURIS Saw at Expo West 2024

Written by Anna Gustafson
on March 20, 2024  |  3 min. read

The Natural Products Expo West is a hotbed for innovation, and this year was no different! PURIS was on the ground scouting the latest trends and seeing how our own offerings can help brands take their products to the next level. Here are the five biggest trends that caught our eye: 

Functional Frenzy

Drinks are getting a makeover! Electrolytes, prebiotics, probiotics, cold brew lattes, energy drinks, and even better-for-you pops (yes, we’re a Minnesota-based company) are all the rage. But with so much competition, how can your brand stand out? Fortify your drinks with PURIS HiLo or P2.0 for a functional boost!

Plant-Based Powerhouse1710356565704

Plant-based alternatives continue to dominate the market, with exciting new developments in egg and cheese alternatives joining the ranks of established meat and milk options. The focus is on functionality – think cheese that melts, eggs that scramble, milk that froths, and meat that sizzles. Take your plant-based creations a step further by adding the nutritional heft of PURIS pea protein or TPP. Better yet, check out the best egg substitute products from AcreMade, made with PURIS pea protein. 

Snacking Smarter

Convenience, taste, and nutrition are the holy trinity of snacking in 2024. Consumers are reaching for extruded and puffed snacks, veggie-forward options, and even clean-label indulgences like bars, cookies, and ice creams. Give your snacks a sustainable edge by swapping out imported starches for domestically sourced, Upcycled Certified™ pea starch from PURIS. 

Mushroom Mania

Mushrooms are having a moment! From adaptogenic powders and ready-to-drink beverages to delicious gummies and chocolates, consumers are looking for ways to incorporate these functional fungi into their diets. We also saw innovative plant-based meats and even mushroom snacks like chips and jerky. Combine the power of mushrooms with the protein punch of PURIS pea protein to bring wholesome plant foods to a whole new level.  

Global Grub with a Twist

International flavors are taking center stage, with boba, mochi, seaweed, sushi, dumplings, and Korean cuisine all getting a modern makeover. Brands are putting a fresh spin on traditional dishes by making them plant-based, high-protein, or allergen-friendly. PURIS pea proteins and TPP can help you achieve these goals without sacrificing taste or texture. 

By incorporating PURIS ingredients into your formulations, you can tap into these exciting trends and deliver products that consumers are truly looking for: delicious, functional, and good for you (and the planet)! 

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