Manufacturing Plant-Based Protein Performance Bars

Written by Kushal Chandak
on November 01, 2023  |  5 min. read

The global protein bar market is projected to grow from $4.68 billion in 2022 to $7.07 billion by 2029. This growth is fueled by rising health consciousness and demand for convenient, on-the-go nutrition. But at PURIS, we also believe that this growth will be powered by the power of peas.

The power of pea protein performance bars

Pea protein has many unique advantages. Check them out:

Peas create a soft protein that is shelf stable and retains a light, chewy texture.

Spend less money and effort doctoring your recipe to cover the taste of your protein.

Peas won’t interact with other components in your bar because they won’t absorb the moisture from your binding agent, whether you’re using fiber syrup or a nut butter.

You can opt to make pea protein performance bars without any of the Top Nine allergens, including soy, nuts, dairy, and wheat. 

Peas appeal to consumers who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, and offer a healthier alternative to consumers who follow a flexitarian diet.


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How peas stack up to other proteins

Overall, plant-based proteins are comparable to proteins that originate from animals. This is promising news, as it suggests that desired health effects alternatives can be achieved with more sustainable, plant-based practices.

So, how do peas compare to other popular proteins? Let's take a closer look.

While rice creates an allergen-free bar, it also comes with some unpleasant side effects when compared to peas. Unlike pea protein, rice can have a metallic aftertaste, isn’t as soft as peas, and can turn chalky while sitting on store shelves.

Being the cheapest protein ingredient on the market, soy has a strong foothold on the performance bar market. But unlike rice, peas, and whey, protein concentration for soy products is much less than other ingredients. 

Pea protein is comparable to whey protein for energy intake and weight management. But while whey can work well in a performance bar recipe, it’s also a dairy byproduct. As a result, many consumers may not be able to or desire to consume protein bars that contain whey. 

Whey also has a rather volatile price point, leading to fluctuating manufacturing costs and high price points depending on when you purchase.

The benefits of co-manufacturing

When it comes to creating a new product, sometimes you just need an expert to come on board to make the best product possible — and stand apart from the competition.

Our strong partnerships with co-manufacturers can help you explore new terrain and make your next product possible. With a network of experienced manufacturers at our fingertips, we can help you find the right partner to execute your next big idea.

What type of protein bar are you manufacturing?

Protein and performance bars come in many forms, including the following.

  • Soft-baked bars — Fudgy, cookie-dough-like texture from wet baking 
  • Performance bars — Light, crunchy bars meant to provide energy 
  • Granola bars — Often loaded with nuts, seeds, and puffed grains for a crispier texture 
  • Filled bars — Outer protein layer with inner filling, like chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel
  • Coated bars — Bars dipped or drizzled in chocolate, yogurt, etc.

At PURIS, our pea proteins can be used in a wide range of bar applications.

PURIS pea protein = your new product advantage

We could brag about our peas all day, but when you get down to the brass tacks, our peas are simply good for consumers and good for the planet. We take sustainability seriously, so our peas are all grown in North America, and our pea protein is all processed in the USA.

We guarantee that all of our pea proteins are non-GMO, and any of our proteins are available as Certified Organic. And with PURIS, can even purchase pea protein and extrude it on your own to make your own crisps.



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