Organic Ag Wins Big: Takeaways from Organic Week

Written by Nicole Atchison
on May 20, 2024  |  7 min. read

If you know me, you know some of the subjects I am passionate about include delicious plant-based foods, cleaning up our water supply, and growing more peas as part of a thriving agricultural system. That's why I was excited to join other passionate organic advocates at Organic Week in Washington D.C. this year with the Organic Trade Association. Let me tell you, it was a treasure trove of insights, and I'm here to share the good news with you (with a healthy dose of PURIS enthusiasm, of course). 

  • Organic is exploding, and consumers are hungry for it (pun intended!). The organic market hit a whopping $69.7 billion in 2023, with sales expected to continue growing at a steady pace ( This isn't just about a niche market anymore – it's a full-blown agricultural movement with serious momentum. Now, the part that really gets me excited: the beverage category, a cool $9.4 billion market, is growing at a healthy clip of 3.9%. And within that, organic dairy alternatives are absolutely on fire at 13.6% growth! See, plant-based milk isn't just a trend, it's a $248 million powerhouse, up a staggering 25% year-over-year. That's music to PURIS' ears (and taste buds). 

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  • Snacking just got a whole lot healthier (and tastier). The organic market for snacks is a mixed bag, but there's a bright spot -  nutrition bars! This $1.8 billion category, according to the Organic Trade Association, is growing at a steady 5.9%. Now, I don't know about you, but for PURIS, that kind of growth is a sign of good things to come, especially for healthy and convenient plant-based snack options. 
  • Millennials and Gen Z are leading the organic charge, and that's
    a future we can all get behind. A whopping 71% of these young consumers care about organic certification compared to just 55% of Boomers and Gen X ( Let's face it, the future belongs to these generations, and their organic preferences are a clear sign that this movement has staying power. 
  • Organic goes beyond a fancy label, it's a system that delivers (and PURIS has been a part of it for over 20 years!). Organic is a USDA-regulated system with real results. It's all about building healthy soil, nutrient-rich food, and a diverse ecosystem. These are the very foundations of regenerative agriculture, a concept gaining serious traction. PURIS has been a proud advocate for organic for over two decades, purchasing and processing more than 350 million pounds of organic crops!!
  • Organic rewards farmers for their hard work, and that's something we can all support. The beauty of the organic system is that it offers built-in market premiums for farmers who put in the extra effort to follow sustainable practices. This incentivizes them to care for the land and ensures a healthy future for our agricultural landscape.

Let’s not forget about policy! Beyond the conference halls, I spent valuable time educating congressional staffers about the merits of organic food and agriculture. A strong organic sector benefits everyone – consumers, farmers, and the environment. We urged continued investment in organic research, education, and infrastructure through the upcoming farm bill reauthorization. If you are in the organic market, we urge you to get involved in advocating for this market! 

I also championed PURIS' anti-dumping investigation. Unfair trade practices can undermine the organic market and disadvantage American farmers. We believe a level playing field is essential for a thriving domestic organic industry. 

Organic Week reinforced my belief that organic agriculture is the cornerstone of a thriving and sustainable food system. It's not just about the absence of harmful chemicals, it's about building a better future for our planet, our farmers, and our health. At PURIS, we're proud to be a part of this movement, and we're committed to growing alongside it. 

Want to learn more about PURIS' commitment to organic food and agriculture? Head over to our website! Want to build the product that is going to take the Organic market to the future, let us help! 


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