Redefining Protein: PURIS Debuts Next-Generation OF Plant-Based Solutions at Supply Side West 2023

Written by Lauren Perez
on October 17, 2023  |  4 min. read

Minneapolis, MN — October 17th, 2024 — PURIS, a leading force in the plant-based protein industry, is showcasing groundbreaking protein advancements at this year's Supply Side West. PURIS is at the forefront of a protein evolution with the unveiling four new products at the show: PURIS 2.0, HiLo, FlowX, and PURFava Function+ at the conference. 

PURIS cordially invite you to visit our booth (#6935) at Supply Side West, where you can access valuable insights into these innovative proteins, as well as participate in in-depth discussions regarding the Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty (ADCV) case.

  • PURIS 2.0 is an exceptional pea protein renowned for its unrivaled creaminess, setting a new standard in the market. It boasts a flavor profile that closely resembles whey, though not identical, providing a great customer experience. 
  • PURIS HiLo stands as a pioneering protein solution designed specifically for high-acid, low pH beverages. It's the first of its kind, tailored to meet the specific needs of these beverages, ensuring excellent stability and quality.
  • PURIS FlowX is meticulously designed for extrusion applications, offering a streamlined approach to optimizing equipment and processes. 
  • PURFava Function+ is the latest innovation in the world of Fava protein. It's uniquely suited for non-dairy applications, providing an exceptional plant-based protein alternative. 

PURIS extends a warm invitation to engage with customers, brands, and fellow suppliers at Happy Hour hosted the booth (#6935) on Wednesday, October 25th from 2-4pm. 

1 Largest Operating Pea Protein Processing Facility in North America. Owned & Operated by PURIS - Located in Dawson, MN
2 Ready-to-drink beverages powered by PURIS 2.0
3 PURIS HiLo showcased in a carbonated application
Pea protein crisp bars with nuts
4 PURIS bar formulation powered with FlowX for crunch. 
(2) PURIS Pea Pod - Copy
5 PURIS Non-GMO Yellow Field Peas powered by proprietary genetics. 







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