Secure Your Organic Ingredient Supply With PURIS Peas

Written by John Manuel
on February 04, 2024  |  5 min. read

The organic food boom is undeniable, with the organic food market recently exceeding $60 billion. However, many are unaware that some organic ingredients available today do not meet USDA organic criteria.

The certification of organic food has always been a certification of process (not product). While USDA organic criteria rely on verification, transparency, and integrity throughout the supply chain, some suppliers have managed to slip through the cracks.This has left the system vulnerable to the reliability of foreign verification for imported products. 

In response, the Strengthening Organic Enforcement Act (SOE Act) — which is set to take effect on March 19, 2024 — is rolling out to help make sure that all organic ingredients truly meet the set standard. With the Act's effective date approaching quickly, there's a chance that your current organic supplier will no longer be able to sell organic ingredients. So, what should your next step be to ensure you have the organic supply you need to meet production volumes and consumer demand?

Farmer in jeans and short sleeve touches pea tendril in farm field

Time to Ditch the Doubt & Embrace Certainty

You deserve to know that your organic supply meets USDA organic requirements. That means that your ingredients:

  • Were grown on land that has not been treated with unapproved pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or synthetic substances for more than three years (the transition period)
  • Used Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds
  • Utilized crop rotation, cover crops, tillage, and approved fertilizers to maintain soil health
  • Were processed without non-approved organic food aides
  • Were not co-mingled with non-organic product

At PURIS, our end-to-end sustainable food system ensures a wholesome journey from seed to solution for Certified Organic foods. From protein shakes to snacks to cereals, organic foods made with PURIS ingredients deliver naturally appealing flavor, abundant nutrition, and the peace of mind that comes with responsible practices. 

From Seed to Scoop: Know Where Your Ingredients Come From

Forget opaque, unsustainable, and at-risk import routes. With PURIS, you're connected directly to dedicated organic farmers across the U.S. and Canada. Our commitment to transparent, authentic organic farming goes beyond certified labels — it's woven into the very fabric of our supply chain. We partner with our grower long before the first pea seed hits the ground. This isn't just some contract; it's a trusted handshake, and a shared commitment to organic integrity.

Close up of white pea shoot with green tendrils on black background

Feel Confident in Your Ingredient Supply

Organic acres don’t happen overnight — it takes three years to transition from a conventional crop to organic-certified land. To meet increasing demand, we're building relationships today to meet future supply needs. Working side-by-side with growers and farmers as they prepare their soil to meet organic criteria, we help ensure every step is taken appropriately and in line with our sustainable model.

Once growers are supplying PURIS ingredients through our Grower's Program, it's important to remember that pea farming isn't a sprint — it's a marathon. Planting windows vary by region, with optimal sowing periods stretching from February to May in the U.S. To ensure the availability of supply, PURIS contracts with growers in multiple regions of North America to diversify the supply base and mitigate large weather event effects.

By securing your contracts now, you ensure your place in the queue for premium, domestically grown organic peas come harvest time in June through September.

Glyphosate Residue-Free

While the SOE Act enforces organic criteria and does not permit the direct use of glyphosate (the main component of chemical herbicides such as Round UpTM), it does allow for trace glyphosate residue from carry-over or drift.

Our farmers and growers stand by a commitment to be Glyphosate Residue-Free — always. In fact, our non-GMO and organic pea contract growers are contractually obligated not to use desiccants on their crops. By helping growers embrace regenerative agriculture practices, PURIS gives farmers the power to reject glyphosate, reverse the damage it has caused to their soil, and move forward sustainably.  

What You Get When You Partner With PURIS 

At PURIS, we're not just watching this market shift from the sidelines — we're actively preparing for what the SOE Act will mean for organic ingredient supply. 


Don't Gamble With Your Future

With the SOE Act tightening the grip on imports, there's a lot of uncertainty for food and beverage manufacturers.

Don't wait until the dust settles and scramble for dwindling domestic supplies. We're currently contracting with new manufacturers. Now's the time to secure your access to the highest quality, transparently sourced organic pea protein the market has to offer. Contact our team to get samples and get started.


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