Congressman Dusty Johnson Visits PURIS: A Focus on South Dakota's Ag Future

Written by Lauren Perez
on February 29, 2024  |  4 min. read

South Dakota's agricultural sector recently received a visit from Congressman Dusty Johnson, who toured PURIS' Harrold facility, a leading producer of peas. This visit provided an opportunity for the Congressman to gain firsthand insights into several key areas:


Expanding Pea Production: The discussion focused on the potential for increasing pea acreage across South Dakota. Peas are a valuable source of protein and a key ingredient in many plant-based food products. Expanding pea production in the state could offer significant benefits to both farmers and the growing demand for plant proteins. Peas offer numerous benefits for farmers, including:
      • Increased Income: Peas are a high-value crop, offering farmers the potential for greater profitability. 
      • Improved Soil Health: Peas are nitrogen-fixing legume, meaning they capture nitrogen from the air and convert it into a usable form for future crops. This reduces reliance on synthetic fertilizers and promotes sustainable farming practices.
      • Crop Rotation Benefits: Including peas in crop rotation cycles helps break disease and pest cycles and improves soil fertility, leading to overall better yields for subsequent crops.

    Addressing Staffing Challenges: Staffing challenges faced by businesses in rural communities like Harrold were also addressed. Finding and retaining qualified workers is crucial for the continued success of agricultural operations and the overall development of rural areas.
  • Supporting Organic Farming: The team discussed how the Organic Development Act can benefit South Dakota processors.  Specifically this act will help strengthen organic processing infrastructure by investing in infrastructure like processing facilities and storage units; the act aims to create a robust domestic organic supply chain. This benefits processors by reducing reliance on imported organic ingredients and creating greater market access for domestically produced organic crops.

Congressman Johnson's visit highlights the growing importance of peas and plant-based protein in American agriculture. It also sheds light on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by rural communities, particularly regarding workforce development and the growth of organic farming.

By promoting pea production, addressing rural challenges, and supporting the organic sector, South Dakota can play a significant role in shaping the future of sustainable and profitable agriculture in the United States.


  1. Left Photo - Attendees (left to right): Jim Protexter - Pierre Economic Development Corporation, Megan Lynch - PURIS People Ops Manager, Congressman Dusty Johnson, Doug Archer - PURIS Plant Manager, Kyle Jacobsen & Andy Hubbart - Bank West
  2. Right Photo (left to right): Plant Manager - Doug Archer and Congressman Dusty Johnson 

PURISHarroldSDPlantPURIS' Pea Processing Facility in Harrold, SD


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