Snacking Trends Point to Protein

Written by Randall Martin
on March 26, 2024  |  3 min. read

The snacking landscape is shifting. Consumers are demanding more protein, healthier options, and convenient formats. This trend is fueling the explosive growth of the snack bar market, projected to reach $21 billion by 2027, with North America leading the charge. Yet, manufacturers face a crucial challenge: incorporating plant-based protein without compromising on flowability, efficiency, or product quality.

The future of snacking is plant-based, protein-packed, and... paradoxically, potential trouble for production schedules.protein-fortification-stat1

Consumers crave healthy, convenient options, but incorporating plant-based protein often leads to clogged machinery, frustrating downtime, and lost profits. Manufacturers are caught in a bind: cater to consumer demand and risk production chaos, or stick to the status quo and miss out on a lucrative market.

This is where PURIS FlowX enters the scene, a revolutionary pea protein designed to unlock the full potential of plant-based snacking. Agglomeration technology breaks down protein clumps, ensuring smooth flow through any twin extruder, old or new. Gone are the days of clogged hoppers and frustrating downtime. FlowX empowers manufacturers to tap into the booming protein trend without sacrificing production efficiency.

But it's not just about flow. FlowX tackles other critical challenges:downtime-reduction-stat1

  • Reduced Downtime: FlowX boasts superior flowability, minimizing clogs and jams that derail production. A leading snack manufacturer saw a 30% reduction in downtime, directly translating to increased output and profitability.
  • Unmatched Versatility: From cereals and bars to savory snacks, FlowX seamlessly integrates into any extruded product, boosting protein content without altering taste or texture.
  • Complete Protein Powerhouse: FlowX delivers all nine essential amino acids, making it a nutritionally superior alternative to other plant-based options.

These are more than just claims; they're proof points demonstrating how PURIS FlowX helps manufacturers capitalize on the protein-powered snacking revolution. By optimizing production efficiency, delivering unmatched versatility, and providing high-quality protein, FlowX empowers you to:

    • Meet surging consumer demand for plant-based protein.
    • Minimize downtime and maximize profitability.
    • Develop innovative, nutritious snack options that stand out.

FlowX is not just a product; it's a gateway to the future of snacking. Contact us today to learn more about how FlowX can unlock your potential and propel your brand forward.


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